KKIM Announcement, Cancellation of the 18th Khon Kaen International Marathon, 2022 (KKIM2022)

        With reference to Khon Kaen University’s and Khon Kaen Province’s first organization of Khon Kaen International Marathon in 2004, which has continued until the 17th KKIM in January, 2020, and due to the spread of the new Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), with the consequence that necessitates everyone to cooperate in the prevention, control, and reduction of the risks from the spreading;

        The Organization Committee of KKIM has thus taken to consideration the organization of the next activity, and has agreed to cancel the organization of the 18th Khon Kaen International Marathon in 2022 (KKIM 2022). As for the following Marathon in 2023, the resolution has been to organize it on the last Sunday of January as formerly done.

        The Organization Committee of Khon Kaen International Marathon.


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