History and Background of Khon Kaen International Marathon

The year 2004 marked the 40th anniversary of Khon Kaen University, when the Khon Kaen University Activity Promotion Committee agreed to hold the Khon Kaen International Marathon to celebrate the occasion. The first Marathon in 2004 was greatly accepted by the runners, who called for continuous activity every year. The Khon Kaen International Marathon was thus held in the following year, but this time with cooperation of the five allies, in order for it to become the sports of Khon Kaen city, including: Khon Kaen Sports Association, Khon Kaen Lawyers Association, Khon Kaen Hall of Commerce, Khon Kaen Provincial Administration Organization, and Khon Kaen Municipality.

The objectives are to support sports, tourism, and promote running exercising among youths. The 42.195 km Marathon route has been certified by “AIMS”, which is the world running route certification institute. Those having run the Marathon category in Khon Kaen are able to apply in the world class running anywhere by showing their Khon Kaen statistics.

The Khon Kaen International Marathon running tracks differ from other tracks because here, young runners are being promoted. Presently, the Half-Marathon and the Mini-Marathon routes have also been certified by the IAAF.

The organization and administration of the Khon Kaen International Marathon has been improved year by year during the past 17 years. Khon Kaen people are expecting that our running tracks will be one of the Asia Majors in the near future.