Khon Kaen International Marathon – leading towards the world of future


On Monday September 25, 2017 at 1.30-3.30 p.m., Khon Kaen University held a press conference of Khon Kaen International Marathon 2018. Khon Kaen Governor Mr. Pongsak Preechawit, Assoc. Prof. Piansak Pakdee, KKU Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relation, and representatives from PTT (Public Company), Thailand Tourism, Krung Sri Ayudhaya Bank (Public Company), and AIA Company joined the event as the major subsidizers. Over 100 Marathon Committee, mass media and runners attended the event, which took place at the conference room, 24th Floor, the 84th Anniversary Chalerm Phra Kiat Building, Sports Authority of Thailand, Bangkok.

Khon Kaen International Marathon is held to disseminate and public relate knowledge and understanding in health sciences and sports, promote good health, encourage the youths to become interested in and see the importance of exercise, enable them to become aware of the danger of drug addiction and to support and cooperate in combating all kinds of drugs. Moreover, the management, administration, and technology of the competition are expected to be improved, along with the development of Thai athletes towards the international standards and Thai runners to reach the world standards as professional and international runners.

Mr. Pongsak Preechawit, Khon Kaen Governor said, “Khon Kaen International Marathon” is a biggest event that promotes exercise organized by Khon Kaen people from all sectors, both governmental and private. It has become our annual tradition. Khon Kaen people are very keen and active about the marathon. This is seen from their application to the competition as well as participation as the cheering group supporting the runners all through the route. People set up points that serve drinking water and fruits whereas others gather to welcome runners with Isan local cultures.

As for medical and nursing system, Khon Kaen Public Health Office sets up a command center to regulate 19 nursing stations along the route with 5 advanced ambulances running after all of the 4 types of runners. 500 officers will be ready comprising doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and life savers. A transfer system is planned, ready to transfer any emergency case to efficient hospitals, i.e., Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kaen Center Hospital (with their Accident & Emergency Excellence Center and Pre-hospital Care (EMS) that have been awarded national prizes), and Queen Sirikit Heart Center.

         For food catering – freshly made and cooked food will be served adequately for all runners and officers. There will be a screening system for the 4 types of runners to ensure that the last runner reaching the finish line is well served.

The safety system for this event has carefully been planned with sufficient governing officers, policemen, soldiers, and guards from all sub-districts and districts to facilitate and guard against mishaps as well as traffic management for the runners all through the route, which will be 100% closed. All runners are insured against accidents. Therefore, this marathon, I’m sure will be like “A Marathon City”.

         Assoc. Prof. Piansak Pakdee, KKU Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relation said that Khon Kaen University is dedicated to the society by promoting human potentials and developing community sustainably through application of knowledge, intellect and resources in the community. For sports, Khon Kaen University opens the campus for people to use the fields and service.
The running standard of Khon Kaen International Marathon has been certified of the route by the Association of International Marathon and Distance Races (AIMS), an organization certifying the route for international Marathon. There are all over the world 90 member countries having all together 166 running routes including the World Major Marathon such as Boston Marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York Marathon. Route standard certification by AIMS enables runners to use the awarded certificate to apply for Marathon running at any member AIMS route. The route has to be approved of the lengths with standard accuracy.

The running technology – Khon Kaen International Marathon uses RFID technology to measure the length and time of each runner based on UHF frequency. This is waterproof and will be tagged on a shoe of each runner. Its continuous reading efficiency and accuracy are 100% and the results are shown at Real Time with only a fraction of a second of delay. Therefore, it is certain that no error will happen to any runner at Khon Kaen International Marathon. Every runner will receive impartial management.

Khon Kaen International Marathon is aimed at becoming a learning organization. The working teams and organizations have been evaluated and so continuously developed. Creativity and technology have been incorporated for flexibility and efficiency in management. Development has concretely been made to drive Thai runners towards professional Marathon runners. This is done by upgrading Khon Kaen International Marathon to ASEAN Marathon Majors and the World Marathon Majors in the future.

For the youths, Khon Kaen International Marathon organized the project called “Weaving a

dream towards Khon Kaen International Marathon”. This has been organized continuously for over 10 year with cooperation from schools in the Northeast and in Khon Kaen where a center and running development has been set up. School students who are interested in running can apply. The project will provide accommodation and promote until the student can enter a standard competition. This is to inspire the youth who will be made to see that “the dream can come true”. At present there are 5,000 students in 51 schools joining the project, and ten thousand more are interested to apply. It can be seen that while Khon Kaen International Marathon is granted the world standard, it still instills values of health care among the community youths. It is believed that individual health is the basis for propelling the future world.
Khon Kaen International Marathon 2018 will be on Sunday January 28, 2018. There will be 4 categories: the 42.195 km Marathon, the 21.0 km Half Marathon, the 11.55 km Mini Marathon, and the 4.5 km running for health. Both male and female winners of the Marathon category will receive the trophy of His Majesty King Vajiralongkorn Bodindaradhepayawarankoon. The winners of the Half-Marathon will receive the trophy of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. The winners of the Mini-Marathon will receive the trophy of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. All winners also receive an amount of money. In addition, in order to encourage the elderly to exercise and take care of their health, applicants aged 60-69 years will pay only 50% and those over 70 years will be waived. Application is open from today until December 20, 2017.

If interested, please contact or apply at 081-9740784, Fax: 043-202388


News/Photographs: Division of Organization Communications