Secret of KKIM 2020 shirt designers


Lecturers of Faculty of Architecture designed Khon Kaen International Marathon 2020 shirts from “Mad Mee” patterns

Ajarn Chingchai Sirithorn and Ajarn Montida Lertnimanoradee from Department of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Khon Kaen University have been assigned with their team as the designers of Khon Kaen International Marathon 2020’s shirts, medals and promoting media. Both explained how they worked on the design as follows:

The work took 3 years, from 2018 until 2020 under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Dr. Surakan Ruaysungnoen, Head of Department of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design of Faculty of Architecture. Principally, the work concept was set for each year to design the shirts for 4 types of race: 1. Fun Run, 2. Mini Marathon, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon. The team also designed the medals, neck straps, trophies and promoting media.

KKIM 2018: Re-branding was changed for shirts and medals. Usually, there was the KKIM logo on the yellow shirt. This has been changed to be more colorful and fresh, after the one-year mourning period. This year, the marathon medal was designed by Asst. Prof. Dr. Surakan Ruaysungnoen and the shirts were designed by Ajarn Montida Lertnimanoradee.

KKIM 2019: Based on Kalasin the Dinosaur city, the design conveyed the concept of new tourism spots using the Case Study of Kyoto Marathon which used the city’s identity to design Japanese style comics characters. Therefore, the characters of Sinsai, the historical legend of Lao-Isan were used. At Khon Kaen city gate, where runners were passing, there were lantern posts and colors of the lights. This publicized tourism spots of Khon Kaen including Chaisri temple where there are interesting murals.

KKIM 2020: As Khon Kaen has been registered as the city of World ‘Mad Mee’, the patterns of mad mee are used in the design. Ajarn Chingchai Sirithorn was the key designer.

How were the shirts last year accepted? Very good. Usually, designers followed our work in different channels in Facebook and Instagram of Khon Kaen Marathon for further development and improvement. Besides the patterns, we improved printing techniques and chose the right material so that runners feel comfortable during the run. The most appreciated thing in 2019 marathon was the 2019 medal, which was designed by Ajarn Chingchai who thought the medal should have a hole in the middle and patterns around it to make it resemble murals on Wat Chaisri walls.

In 2020, we want to publicize Mad Mee as Khon Kaen has been registered as the city of the Mad Mee. Therefore, we use the patterns of Mad Mee in Khon Kaen as the theme. The colors used to be bright in the last two years, so we use darker shades this year. This year’s colors are purple and blue. There is a special shirt for the Half Marathon runners and males’ shirts are different from females’.

Ajarn Montida Lertnimanoradee said that besides Marathon shirts, there are bags, straps for medals and promoting media for the shirts and backdrops.

“The technique used for making shirts during the former years was the heat transfer, which was good for clear colors, but aeration is not good. When a runner sweats, he or she feels uncomfortable. The technique this year is digital technique which makes the printing the same material, provides aeration and clear color distinguishing. The material is the sport type so it dries quickly and lasts long.

“The planning and design involved division of work. Usually at the end of the event, the organizers hold a meeting and plan the following year work on the design, which is during March and April. The drafts will be submitted with regular online updates. Final designs will be completed in July. The organizers give complete freedom in the design; only minor changes of colors and sizes are made. Ajarn Chingchai is the key designer while Ajarn Montida sets the theme and searches for information and references. This process involves tackling the problem, interpretation, analysis, design, presentation, solution, until the final design is completed. The process takes 4-5 months from March until July or August.”

Ajarn Montida Lertnimanoradee added that for 2021, Ajarn Chingchai and the team plan to present another identity of Khon Kaen that differs from cultural themes, and will be something new that happens in Khon Kaen. The mascot of 2019 may be incorporated in the theme.

Information and photos: Ajarn Chingchai Sirithorn and Ajarn Montida Lertnimanoradee
Consultant: Pimchanok Srisuriyamat
News: Kannapas Sirikiat